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Never Go With A Hippie To A Second Location

Jerry Garcia
Everyone’s over at It is a fine party, with a good band and drugs and a downright European variety of cheeses. There may or may not be an ice sculpture. Paul McCartney has been turned away at the door; there will be no closing all-star Hey Jude super-jam.

There are trays of this, and bowls of that; everyone’s pockets and purses are full of the other. Our party people are intelligent and witty, most of them, but all the dumb people are very limber and make poor decisions about sexual partners. The coat check will hold on to anything you want, not just coats: you could leave a hat or a Romanian. 

It’s a Bill Graham Production, of course. Precarious Lee set the whole shindig up, so try not to lean on anything. There’s no list and certainly no cover, just Big-Dicked Sheila at the door letting the right folks in.

I’m sure you’ve met the sound system.

Take your time. Find the right shoes. Make sure you’ve got your sunglasses; it’s not a party unless you need your sunglasses to leave. No rush, though: we’re not going anywhere.

TotD and The Boys will be playing all night.

Passing That Way Today

Moving time is getting closer and closer. New place is looking good, and doesn’t smell like a hippie after a two-hour nap. If you wanna burn one last one over here, or get a nostalgia tugger, then time is fleeting.

Peg Of My Something, Not Heart

Quick question: besides Ronald Reagan mistakenly thinking she was his daughter for a few years, what has Peggy Noonan actually done?

Gentle Josh Meyers, Won’t You Come Home To Me

Two songs? Even Sinatra didn’t get two songs.

Of note: Jeff Chimenti’s power, Rhythm Devils killing it, Mickey’s bass drum has been returned (along with the pedal for it), Oteil’s super-cool leather jacket, Bobby’s volume.

Quick And Dirty

The official video will be up after the West Coast sees it, but here’s a taped-off-the-TV version. It has precisely the sound and picture quality you would expect from something taped off a TV.

The Status Of Our Quo

Okay: here’s the deal. Can’t figure out how to get the Archives from here to there. It’s not an insurmountable problem, but until then, posts will continue here.

Figured out the Donate button at light speed, though, didn’t you?

You’re comparing apples to the Donate button. Leave the Donate button out of this: he’s done nothing to you.

Please don’t make the Donate button a character.

I could call him Don.

You’re a transparent villain treading water in the night soil.

Sure. Question.


What did Dead & Company play tonight? Anyone call it?

No one important.

Big News!

Drum roll, please!

Oh, I hate the drum roll bit.


We’re only on the second floor: go ahead.

Why must you be this way.

I am as God created me.

There’s big news.

The Tonight Show thing? Everyone knows.


You’re going to stop fucking around and talking to yourself and dead rock stars and write something real?


I give up. is open for business!






Are you still hanging around?

Where did you even come from?

Hey, guys. Whatcha do–

Get out.

Nope. Uh-uh. Not you. Not after what you did.

You knew who you were talking to, and what you were saying.

How could you do that?



I just thought…


Yeah, no.

Sorry. Take care of yourselves. Okay.

That was really awkward.

I’m cringing. I got the shkeevs.

Lotta nerve.

After what he did.


Right! Whoo! This is great and wonderful. How’s the “Donate” button coming?

We weren’t going to mention that.

No, you weren’t going to discuss it with them. I feel we should have regular meetings about the subject. Also: question.

Hit me.

If the new site is open for business–

Don’t say business.

then why are we here?

Well, if I moved to a new home, I would bring my stuff with me. I can’t figure out how to get the archives and whatnot over there, plus the place looks like crap and needs redecorating before I’ll spend the night.

You’re such a picky princess.

After our bellies are full, life is aesthetics.

And a pretentious tit.

Never denied it.


Tough Ticket

img_3490“Who’s got my extra? Need one!”


“Oh, hey, how are ya, what’s up, what’s good, wow, hey, hi, all right, sure. Heh heh heh.”


“C’mon, we’ll play a game, or we could lip sync, wanna lip sync?


“Trying to get in to see the Dead, gonna shake my bones, party a little, isn’t this fun?”

Don’t you host this show? For some reason?

“Oh! Oh! Right! Heh heh, forgot about that.”

You’ve started day drinking, haven’t you?

“Heh heh.”

Stop giggling: you’re a forty-year old millionaire.

“That’s what I’m giggling about. Let’s play charades!”

Jesus, man.

All Or Nothing, Nothing Or All

Enthusiasts, you know my position on fucks: all or nothing. Expend them like a salmon going home to fuck and die, or don’t leave the house. Strain against the world until your bones snap like Twix bars in a backpack; stumble backwards into beauty and grace. These are the only paths to greatness. No great work was achieved with some fucks. Give it your all, or don’t answer the phone.

This is why the two greatest rock videos ever made are November Rain and this one by The Replacements.

Mickey Hart Relaxes Before The Tonight Show

[PDF] Spock petting black catHey, Mickey. Whatcha Doing?

“Thinking about Pigpen for some weird reason. Can’t figure it out.”

I can.