You Just Gotta Fiddle Around

by thoughtsonthedead

Hey, Bobby. Whatcha doing?

“Tuning up for the big TV spot. Gonna be on Carson.”




“Is Josh Meyers guest-hosting again?”

Jimmy Fallon.


Yeah, that’s about the only right answer to that. He’s a little drunken giggler. Plays beer pong with his guests so he doesn’t have to have a conversation like a grown-up.

“Ah. Must have missed the announcement.”

Bobby, why are you tuning up? The show’s not for, like, seven hours.

“Well, you know: I can either tune now, or do it while we’re supposed to be playing like usual.”

Now’s good.


One more question: how many songs you guys doing?

“Um. Just, uh, the one.”

One song?

“That’s the way these things work.”

Then why do you need so many doodads?

“If I didn’t bring them, how would people know I played guitar?”

You’re holding one.

“Sometimes, you don’t get it, man.”

Have a good show, Bob.