The Year Punk Broke Bobby

by thoughtsonthedead

bobby super bowl party birksHey, Bobby. Whatcha doing?

“Letting my feet breathe.”


“What’s with the punk music?”

Anarchy Wednesday.


You ever run into those punk rocker dudes?

“Oh, they were scary. They wore their leather jackets in a very aggressive fashion.”

Not to mention their trousers.

“Right, right. I never saw one of ’em in a decent jean short.”

Probably didn’t shop at Ernie’s.

“Their loss. I went down and checked out a couple of those punk rocker types. Ramones were pretty good. You know: they couldn’t play or anything, but that wasn’t what they were about. The girls that went to their shows were cute.”



I hear you on the fishnets.

“One of ’em had green hair. Everywhere. All of her hairs.”

All of them?

“That’s what I’m getting at. When she took off her clothes, she looked like a patchy lawn.”

What’d you do?