A Moment With A Dog

by thoughtsonthedead

img_3476“Hello! Hi! What is wrong? Hello. Hi. Please pet. I love. Hello.”

Hey, buddy.

“I love. Love back. Come. Love back. Okay, I go to you.”

Oh, knock it off.

“I lick.”

Don’t lick.

“I lick.”

Don’t lick.

“I lick.”


“I love. And to taste.”


“Can’t see much.”



More complicated than that.

“Sad and hungry?”

I could eat.

“Me, too. Always.”

I can’t explain it to a dog. No offense.

“Incapable of taking it.”

Madly in love with world and I also want to explode every human being’s brain with telepathy.

“Like Scanners?

You seen that?

“All dogs big Michael Ironside fans.”

That is a surprising fact.

“Most people do not know.”


I know a guy with a mustache just like yours.