In Defense of Manny Pacquiao

by thoughtsonthedead

Gay people are worse than one animal, and that is the dog. This is not a statement on the “gay” part of “gay people,” it’s on the “people” part. All people are worse than dogs. For example, there are no dog homophobes. If a dog does not like someone, it is because that person smelled weird, or moved in a way the dog didn’t like, or sometimes just for no reason at all because it’s a dog. Never because of gayness.

A dog will watch two people of the same gender having sex in the same way that he watches two people of opposite gender. It will look like this:

confused dog“Are they playing? What’s all this? Hey. Hey! One of them’s on their hands and knees and the other’s behind them!”


And so on.

So, yes, Manny Pacquiao: gay people are worse than animals, for a singular subset of animals. The media probably misquoted you, but I always had faith.

It’s like your best friend Jesus (who, by the way, it completely makes sense for Filipinos to worship) said, “Blessed are the Meek, for they shall inherit the World. But even more blessed are those who have been punched in the head repeatedly for decades, for they shall bring us Wisdom.”