When Billy The Kid Came To Town

by thoughtsonthedead

billy joel bwHey, Billy Joel. Whatcha do–

“Cut the shit. What is this?”

What do you mean?

“Why am I here? No one wants this.”

Sure they do.

“This pleases no one. Move on from the topic of me.”

Can I at least link to the great Nick Paumgarten’s 2014 article on you?

“You just did.”

I’m kind of in charge.

“Please. Find a new shiny thing. Again: no one wants this.”

I guess. Hey, did Nick call you a genius?

“No, he wrote about my many houses, boats, super-model ex-wives, top-ten hits, and the helicopter ride we shared to the basketball arena I had sold out that night.”

Oh, that’s better.

“Way better. Move on.”