The Year TotD Broke

by thoughtsonthedead

Enthusiasts, a big announcement: there will be changes.

The site will be migrating. I’m not precisely sure how to do that, but I’m sure I’ll work it out easily enough. My sister-in-law, who is a wonderful person, purchased for me as a Christmas present; BotD may have been involved.

I am getting to it in February; I am a terrible person.

The reason for this is money. Or artistic freedom, if you’d like. Yeah, let’s go with artistic freedom: I would like to be freer, in an artistic sense, to make money off this.

Not in a depraved or greedy way, of course: I won’t be offering payday loans, but a few ads won’t hurt anyone, and you can turn your adblocker on if you want. (I will be pestering you frequently to turn your adblocker off for my site, and then further pestering you to click on the ads. I will do this a lot.)

I’m also gonna figure out that “donate” button, but here’s the deal: we will never speak of it. It’ll be there, and if you’re flush and think I’m worth the price of, say, a humorous novel, then chuck a dollar in the guitar case.

But that thing is just going to appear one day soon and we’re all going to pretend it isn’t there. Dignity above all.

(One might make an argument that not having a “donate” button is rude. Who I am to stop someone from giving me money? Let people live, man. One might further argue that this is purest form of commerce: providing the product for three or four years, and then letting people value it as they choose. Those will be the arguments I make to myself, but still: ixnay on the onateday uttonbay.)

BUT, that’s not all: the TotD store is open for business, and I do not mean that in any literal sense. You cannot buy anything right now, but you will very soon. Final decision on the logo is forthcoming, and there will be design. We’ll start with t-shirts. Mugs? The t-shirt stuff is all third-party now, I don’t see why you cant have mugs.

Fuck it: there will be mugs.

So to recap:

  1. Site moving, but not really because it’s the innertubes and it’s going to be in the same place: on your computer screen. The site’s not going to, like, Kentucky in search of work.
  2. There will be a “donate” button and I don’t want to talk about the “donate” button.
  3. Merch.

2016 will be the Year of the Enthusiast. After all, I’m doing this all for you.