Prop Bet

by thoughtsonthedead

[PDF] Pitts S2C - Picture of“Irving, no.”

“What? Great plane! This is the plane you want, trust me.”

“It looks like a prop from an Indiana Jones movie.”

“Yeah, right: funky and shaggy, just like the Dead.”

“I don’t want any plane I get on to be funky or shaggy. Like, in the slightest. And, you know, also: this is not a private jet.”

“Bob, this thing is private as hell. No real people will be allowed on at any time. Just rock stars and Jeff Chimenti, if there’s room.”

“Oh, no: Jeff’s gotta fly. He gets in trouble when he drives.”

“We’ll work it out.”

“Not in this thing. It’s got propellers, Irv.”

“All planes have propellers, it’s just sometimes they’re called turbines and powered by induction. This is basically the same thing as a jet.”

“It’s really not.”

“Why speed like a maniac when you can cruise in comfort?”

“Are you even listening to yourself?”


“Besides, it’s awful-looking. It’s like that dog without a neck.”

“Which one?”

“This one:”

[PDF] Quasi Modo named World's

“Fine-looking animal.”

“Knock it off, Irving. The plane looks like a rape van with wings.”

“In a way, that’s a good thing: you need a lot of room in a rape van.”

“I’m sorry I brought up rape vans at all. Get us a normal plane.”

“I thought you guys were hippies.”

“Our audience is hippies; we’re rock stars. Get the jet, Irving.”