Once More, With Feeling

by thoughtsonthedead

img_3427TotD is happy to report–from multiple, unrelated sources–that Phil looks great and happy tonight; he is bouncing around and smiling, and this is a very good thing.

img_3426This is Robbie Taylor, who has been Phil’s Parish for four decades. His eyebrows will fight you; they will defeat you; do not challenge them.

(I know nothing about Robbie Taylor besides the broad strokes: came aboard in ’76 and stayed there ever since. I don’t know his childhood, or his family; his triumphs and regrets. He is a man in full totally alien to me. But I do know he could kick your ass.)

img_3428And this is Photographer-to-the-Dead Jay Bakesburg, mistaking guitars for teenaged hippie chicks. (Jay likes Hippie Chicks.)

The band is making its way through 5/13/83 from the Greek, with the first-ever Hell in a Bucket. Other than that, not many surprises in the setlist, but you can check out tonight’s version here.