LSD Soundsystem

by thoughtsonthedead

bobby old expensive ampHey, Bobby. Whatcha doing?

“Posing with stereo equipment so I don’t have to pay for it.”

That could be the best rock star perk.

“It’s up there. Women sneaking into buildings just to have sex with you was pretty good.”

Gotta be flattering.

“It’s an ego-booster, I’ll tell ya. But, you know: I’ll have the stereo forever.”

Sex is fleeting.

“Madness, you know: it, uh, it takes it toll.”

So, listen closely.

“And, um, the things is that it’s, uh…not gonna be for very much longer.”

I’ve got to–

“Let’s just quit while we’re behind.”


“You think the nice people read it in my voice?”

I hope so: I worked hard on the punctuation. Anyway, tell me about the hi-fi.

“Oh, this fi is high as hell. Highest fi you can get. Legally, at least. Any higher and the things tend to become self-aware.”

Let’s not do that again.

“He still running for president?”

Polling very well in Marin County.

“Yeah, so: this sucker’s the best. Plays just about any media. Way more power than you need, so you don’t have to turn it up. No distortion that way. Big, clear sound.”

Are you allowed to turn it off?

“Oh, God, no. First rule of high-end amplifiers: never turn ’em off.”

Doesn’t that drain a lot of power?

“Sucks it up like cocaine through a McDonald’s straw.”

McDonald’s does make the best drug straws.

“Yeah, sure. Girth plus cross-sectional integrity: winning combination.”

Just like dongs.

“Y’know, I’m the only one who talks to you regularly, and you thank me by saying weird shit all the time.”