Light Up The Sky

by thoughtsonthedead

evh jet“No, Irving.”

“What? You wanted a jet. It’s a jet. Big jet, Bob. Bigger than anything Wheels Up got.”

“It’s not the size of it that bothers me.”

“Is it the paint job?”

“It’s the paint job, Irv.”

“Every dollar saved on the plane is a dollar in my pocket.”


“Your pocket, Bob. It’ll stand out! We’ll get good press.”

“You know I’m good friends with Sammy Hagar, right? He’ll make fun of me. Plus, it’ll give Josh ideas and he’ll start with that tapping shit.”

“The plane’s got a breakfast nook, Bob.”

“Irving, I could call maybe two dozen billionaire Deadheads and borrow their planes and just charge you for it. Just get us a regular private jet.”

“All right, all right.”

“Nothing fancy, just your everyday, run-of-the-mill private jet.”

“Gotcha. Quick question: does Sammy need representation.”

“Goodbye, Irv.”