Fashion Victim Or The Crime

by thoughtsonthedead

bobby leather jacket billy comptonHey, Billy. Whatcha doing?

“Making fun of Weir.”

Lost Sailor or the jacket?

“Jacket. He loves the mall, man.”

Where do you get your clothes?

“Everything I own has been given to me. ‘Cept for a couple real cool Sammy Miami shirts I bought off Creepy Ernie.”

He does shirts now?

“Expanding. Proud of him. Been going there for years. Y’know he likes getting punched in the dick?”

I didn’t, but it sounds right now that I hear it.

“So, at first, I almost didn’t want to punch him in the dick anymore.”


“Well, I figured that if the guy likes it, then it’s gay.”


“Listen, I’m from the old school.”

That’s the insane school.

“But then I figure: hey, why not punch him in the dick and let life live itself?”

As good a philosophy as anyway. How do the other guys clothe themselves?

“Jill dresses Phil.”


“Parish or somebody buys Garcia black t-shirts in bulk and parcels them out.”


“Bobby’s always in Little Aleppo.

Clearly. What about Mickey?

“Mickey shops in cardboard boxes at the merch stands before shows.”

There were no surprises here.

“Rarely are.”