Donald Trump Discusses The Lineup Of The New Dead Tribute Album

by thoughtsonthedead

  • The National. (“Good name. Strong. Good, strong name. I like that take. A lot of people of afraid to be Americans nowadays. I’m gonna bring back the Pledge of Allegiance. Strong pledge, one of your better pledges.”)
  • The War On Drugs. (“Why don’t we call it what it is: a war on America. who’s selling the drugs? Is it Steve? Maybe not. Is it Pablo? Could be. We started this war. I’m a guy who finishes wars.”)
  • Marijuana Death Squad. (“That’s what they’re sending! Right over the border. Obama? He’s got a camera pointed at the border. He watches them run across and cheers. I’ve seen the footage of this. He cheers.”)
  • Ira Kaplan. (“I have one of the best relationships with the Jews ever.”)
  • The Walkmen. (“I owned many Walkmen. In fact, I had one of the very first models in the country. I would wear it jogging, and many people say that I was the best jogger they ever saw. Know who made the Walkman? Japanese. They were gonna eat us in the 80’s. Now it’s China. Same difference.”)
  • Grizzly Bear. (“Best bear. All bears considered? Best bear. Strong bear, believes in Jesus. Panda’s priceless. Grizzly: what’s he worth? Nothing. Pandas are laughing at us. That’s gonna change. Our bears are gonna be the best again.”)
  • Phosphorescent. (“Very tough word to spell, but I’ve never gotten it wrong. I can’t be modest about my spelling, which is excellent. Always the best in class.”)
  • Tunde Adebimpe. (“No. Not gonna happen. Names say a lot. Trump says “power.” What does that guy’s name say? No one else will tell you this, but it’s the only way to make America great. Tungsten has to go.”)
  • Fucked Up. (“That’s right, we are fucked up. I said it. I said it. Not supposed to. I said it. Country is all fucked up. Who’s gonna unfuck it? Hillary? C’mon.”)