Things (Musical) I Am Not Paying Attention To

by thoughtsonthedead

  • Kanye.
  • It should also be noted that I am not paying attention to Kanye’s non-musical output.
  • It should further be noted that I officially don’t even give a shit about my own opinion on Kanye, so I’ll be damned if I care about anyone else’s.
  • Beyoncé.
  • Let’s just expand that to anyone whose name ends in an “e” pronounced like a long “a;” if Roxanne Shanté releases a new album, I will not pay attention to that, either.
  • Father John Misty.
  • Papa John Creach.
  • Mama Cass.
  • Second-cousin Stuart Hofnagel.
  • The Eagles’ tribute concert.
  • I mean, that’s the worst of both worlds right there: tribute concerts are congenitally tacky and half-rehearsed affairs, and The Eagles.
  • (I would, however, pay to see the all-female Eagles cover band, The Kegels.)
  • Or the all-dog version, The Beagles.
  • Or the group that only plays yacht parties, The Seagulls.
  • I could go on.
  • The symphonic Garcia thing: not doing it, can’t make me, don’t wanna.
  • Not specifically the Garcia one, but it’s a prime example of my problem with the exercise: don’t make a symphony orchestra play Scarlet Begonias; Scarlet Begonias has four chords in it; stop making people who went to Julliard do that.
  • I’m gonna not pay attention to LCD Soundsystem as hard as I can until I die, but would blow a monkey’s uncle to be in the same room as that Despacio PA.