by thoughtsonthedead

The Bernie vs. Hillary memes “are just the latest expression of this idea, utilizing arguably the most famous woman in America right now as its sexist punch line,” Rouner argues. “Don’t think for a second the jokes in these memes have nothing to do with the fact that a woman is in serious contention for a job that has always been held by a man.”

Wait. Oh, gosh, Enthusiasts: you didn’t think that these memes weren’t sexist, did you? Oh, no.

I hope they have a polling place in the Problem Attic.

Please stop reading Salon.

This was Slate.

That’s worse.

That’s sexist. Finding those websites idiotic and verging on parodic–

Yeah, that’s not a word.

–is sexist.

Wait: I was perfectly fine with Hillary being president for, like, the past five or six years. She’ll be the same as Obama: corporatist, imperialist, vaguely and cautiously liberal (not progressive) on domestic social issues. Then someone better came along, and I supported that person.


I would have switched my allegiances to Elizabeth Warren had she run. Is that sexist?


How so?

No idea. I’m sure someone at Salon will tell us, though.

Yeah, probably.