You Know What They Say About A Touch Of Grey

by thoughtsonthedead

img_3333Well, who are you?

“I am dog.”

I know that! You are so handsome! Or pretty! Whatever you identify as!

Good dog!

“YES! I am good. So good. Also, dog. Whole phrase was spot-on. Nail on head.”

How was your day?

“Best ever.”

What a coincidence that I met you today.

“No. Every day best ever.”

You have a great attitude.


You’re a Buddhist?

“All dogs Buddhists.”

That makes sense.

“Also, took walk. Ate dead bird.”

Good day.

“Best day ever.”

Lemme ask you a question: you know any cats?

“Can you ever really, like, know a cat, man?”


“Good dog. Woof.”

Sure. Answer the question.

“Yes. Cats are cats. Some cuddle, some fight.”

You take life as it comes.

“Again: Buddhist. Also, dog.”

Right. Anyway, I was talking to this cat before and he was going on about how cats like to kill anything smaller than them. Do dogs have that thing?

“Bad idea to let pet rat play with strange terrier. Bad, bad idea.”

What about you?

“I would smell rat.”

What about a hedgehog?

“I would smell.”

Baby deer?

“Also smell.”


“Would run from snake. Hide from snake, and bark at snake. Maybe pee.”


“Have thing about snakes.”

That’s cool, man. You’re a good dog.

“All dogs good dogs.”