by thoughtsonthedead

You can watch the new Beyoncé video if you’d like, but I can save you some time: pretty person poses amongst the poor. That’s all of Beyoncé’s videos, mostly; sometimes they leave out the poor people and just let Beyonce be pretty by herself.

In this short film, Beyoncé marries the aesthetics of Django Unchained with the spirit of Black Lives Matter. Do not be fooled: Beyoncé thinks Beyoncé’s life matters.

Art sneaks in, though, and beauty finds the backdoor: the actual Queen, Big Freedia, is featured on the track and this gives us a reason to play some Bounce music as loud as humanly possible.

If I thought less of you, Enthusiasts, I might give you some bullshit about this not being in your wheelhouse, or trying something new, or broadening your musical horizons, or other palavering pablum, but we know that there are two kinds of music: good and bad.

Big Freedia makes good music: it is to EDM what the Dead Boys were to Yes; it is angry and omnidirectionally aggressive. Bounce music sounds like the funkiest man in town loaded on PCP and wandering through the food court with a pitchfork. It’s the sound of getting beaten up as a kid because you were different.

What the fuck would Beyonce know about that?

This is the good shit: