Robe Jimmy

by thoughtsonthedead

img_3250“What part of the store did you get the garment in, is all I’m asking.”

“Are you insinuating it’s from the women’s section, Bobby?”

“No, no. Not at all. Loungewear. Or, you know that store Bed, Bath & Beyond? I think you got that in ‘Bath,’ Josh.”

“It is a fashion-forward–”


“–top that cost $1,000, thank you.”

“Y’know, you can steal those from the room and charge it to the tour, man. Mickey ends up with a steamer trunk full of the things; he has Stealies stitched onto ’em and gives them out as Hanukkah presents.”


“I used to have, like, four, but the girls all stole them.”


“It’s like the women in the house are having a competition to see who can steal the most of Dad’s clothes.”


“In fact, there may be outright collusion.”

“Bobby, can we have this conversation somewhere else than in front of the foxes?”

“You were the one who wore the robe to Steakhouse Saturday.”

“Please stop calling it Steakhouse Saturday.”