Tenure Track

by thoughtsonthedead

img_3306“Ah, Miss Bloom. Come in.”

“Professor Garcia, thank you for seeing me. Although, most of the professors don’t hold office hours in a motel.”


“Yeah, I don’t wanna do this, man.”

Garcia, just read your lines.

“No, this is jive. I’m no actor.”

You look like an English professor at a mid-level private college.


Maybe Skidmore.


Academia’s a tough racket.

“Yeah, and one I’m not in. And I’m not an actor. Passing on your little skit.”

You can’t pass. No passing. I don’t mean to sound arrogant, but I’m kinda God here.

“And I’m an atheist.”


“I mean, honestly, man: you get to make shit up as you go. Why shouldn’t I? Billy does whatever the fuck he wants.”

Control has been lost.

“It was never possessed, man.”

Yeah, sure.

“Where’d you come up with ‘Miss Bloom?'”

Virginal. Ripening. Flowering.

“Ah, right. You’re no Hunter.”

Who is?

“Yeah, sure.”