The Meme Police, They’re Looking For Me

by thoughtsonthedead

A reminder: this is simply not cool. Any sort of comparison between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton is sexist: their records, their fundraising, their body counts. ALL OF IT IS OFF-LIMITS, SHITLORDS.

For the truly progressive out there, as opposed to Bernie Bros, here are the topics one should stick to when discussing Ms. Clinton:

  • She’s due.
  • Bernie’s unelectable.
  • She already knows where everything in the White House is.
  • Vince Foster’s already dead; it’s not like she can murder him again.

Finally, while Sanders’ male supporters may be referred to as “Bernie Bros,” Clinton’s female fans should never be called “Hillary Harpies.”

Are you reading that damn Salon website again?

I can’t stop myself.

This behavior is becoming problematic.

Show me someone who isn’t problematic and I’ll say a prayer for ’em.