Inspiration, Move Me Dumbly

by thoughtsonthedead

  • The Tears of Jesus Protect My Home.
  • The Laundry of Jesus Fills My Hamper.
  • The Doody of Jesus Clogs My Toilet.
  • The Fingernail Clippings of Jesus Litter My Rug.
  • The Funk of Jesus Infests My Guest Room.
  • The Friends of Jesus Drink My Beer.
  • The Skanks of Jesus Steal From My Purse.
  • The Drones of Jesus Spy On My Neighbors.
  • That’s It, Jesus: You Gotta Go.
  • I Know I’m Your Sister, But You Gotta Go.
  • Mom Was Right About You.
  • The Revenge Turd of Jesus Decorates My Lawn.