Hagar: Not Horrible

by thoughtsonthedead

Hey, Bobby. Whatcha doing?

“Following Sammy Hagar.”

Is that a good idea?

“Well, uh, Sammy is generally going somewhere fun. Or somewhere else to make an ungodly amount of money.”

Sammy’s rich as shit.

“Shit. Yeah: that rich. Also, you know, Sammy’s going wherever he’s going in a Ferrari or something.”

Sounds fun.

“And–and this is from personal experience, mind you–while you’re on the way to the fun in the Ferrari, Sammy’ll probably pull over and grab some tacos, and he’ll buy you some tacos.”

This is a perfect afternoon that you’re describing, Bobby.

“Sure. You see Sammy Hagar, you follow him.”

That’s what Michael Anthony does.