More Of Donald Trump’s Opinions

by thoughtsonthedead

  • Jeb Bush. (“Sad. Known him for many years. Beat him at golf. Sad man.”)
  • Hillary Clinton. (“Not a person to trust. Disgusting. Never easy on the eyes. That voice.”)
  • Bill Clinton. (“Probably a rapist. Known him for many years. Beat him at golf. Rape.”)
  • Tom Brady. (“Good friend. Played catch once, and I could throw the ball farther. Gotta be honest. Wife is a 10.”)
  • Arbor Day. (“Loser holiday. Trees? Trees are great. I got the best trees at Mar-A-Lago. Their own holiday? C’mon.”)
  • Gilligan. (“Captain should’ve tossed him in the lagoon. Thurston Howell III: good man.”)
  • Second Amendment. (“There’s your amendment. That’s the one you need. All the others? Pssh. Gimme the Second.”)
  • Eddie Murphy. (“A talent. Been my guest at a number of properties. He’s a great. He’s fat, he’s not. One of the greats.”)
  • Ted Cruz. (“Nasty person. Bad face. Just a terrible face. Don’t know where he was born. He says Canada. Could be. Could be Teheran. Who knows?”)
  • Birthday Cake. (“Kid just spit all over it. Not for me.”)
  • Hardwood Floors. (“Classiest flooring available. In all my properties. Only wood harder than my floors is in my pants. I still get powerful and natural erections. Many people have complimented me on my erections.”)
  • Ronald Reagan. (“Powerful influence in my life. Our greatest president. Many people have told me I resemble him.”)
  • The Double Reverse. (“Underrated play. Adds starpower and excitement to a game. Many people have called me a human double-reverse.”)
  • Millard Fillmore. (“Lousy name. Not presidential. What’d he do? Loser.”)
  • Civil War. (“Stupid war. Goal of a war is to kill foreigners. Boring mini-series.”)
  • Kaley Cuoco. (“Great body. Face is good from some angles, not from others. Very odd.”)
  • Marco Rubio. (“I don’t speak Spanish. You speak Spanish? No? Okay. Marco Rubio speaks Spanish.”)
  • Cape Buffalo. (“A very aggressive buffalo. Wouldn’t want to sit at the negotiating table with one. My son shot a few.”)
  • Drag Coefficient of a Plymouth Superbird. (“0.28. Good number. I have owned cars with much better, but that’s good.”)
  • Panda Bear. (“I’m sick of handouts. Panda doesn’t want to help itself. Panda’s got a belly made for meat and all day long with the bamboo. Dumb.”)
  • Grizzly Bear. (“That’s the kind of bear I’m talking about. Great bear. World-class bear. Doesn’t need government regulations. American bear. My son shot a few.”)
  • Lindsay Lohan. (“Sad. Little girl lost. Bad parents. Great body. Really great body. Sad.”)
  • Climate Change. (“Change to what? Nobody can answer that. Change to what? Maybe something good.”)
  • Barack Obama. (“Worst president of any country ever. Not just America. The crappy countries. Probably born in Agrabah. Total disaster.”)
  • Jesus Christ. (“Christianity? Best religion. Hands down. Jewish is okay. Christianity? That’s the one.”)