by thoughtsonthedead

boreal ridge stage construction
“We mint our own coin.

“Do you understand what that means? Reality is controlled via the franchise on violence. That franchise is secured by the creation of value. To create a new society using the money of the world you wish to leave behind is quixotic, at best.

“Our pennies are notes; our dollars, amplifiers; our rubber-banded rolls are the trucks that fly us through the night and up into the hills and mountains, far away from the women and children.

“We’ll bring our own women and children.

“Our freedom is purchased by the mile, and earned via each gas station hot dog. Our liberty exists for a few hours a day, for several days a week, for half the months of the year.

“That’s as free as we can afford to be; we mint our own coin, and the work is hard.”

That was a lovely speech, Precarious.

“Thank you.”

Is that guy wearing any safety equipment at all?

“I told him to be careful.”

Good enough.