Two Jews Walk Into A Dressing Room

by thoughtsonthedead

bill graham david geffenThe tall, pale Gentile in the scarf had never been around Jews before getting in show biz, and the sound of Semites arguing frightened him. He knew, from the words, that Bill Graham and David Geffen were discussing basketball, and actually agreeing on many points, but inflections and gestures told a different story.

Allow me to translate for those who aren’t fluent in Hebraic body language: David Geffen is treating Bill Graham like a fourth-grader, and Bill Graham is about to leap across the room and bite David Geffen on the face.

Advanced Yiddish Subtlety: Geffen thinks Bill’s a putz; Bill Graham thinks Geffen’s a schmuck.

Also, Bill Graham is naked for some reason, and Geffen is thoroughly killing the afro/eyebrows game.