Overheard At The Revolutionary Intercommunal Day Of Solidarity For Bobby Seale

by thoughtsonthedead


  • Who the fuck booked this?
  • Keep Billy in the van until the show starts.
  • What a lovely beret, Mr. Cleaver. Would you care to check your coat, or your rifle?
  • The Hell’s Angels and the Black Panthers should probably be kept away from each other, huh?
  • Jesus, Pig: put your pants on.
  • We should get a Minister of Defense.
  • Billy has gotten out of the van.
  • You dosed Stokely Carmichael? I dosed Stokely Carmichael. Jesus, how many people dosed Stokely Carmichael? We should check on him.
  • Bobby, you cannot join the Black Panther Party.
  • Many, many reasons.
  • First of all, it is not the kind of party you are thinking of.
  • Second of all, you are The Man that they’re talking about.
  • Third of all, you need to stop calling everyone Oteil: it’s 1971.
  • Billy is telling jokes.
  • I repeat: Billy is telling jokes.