Rock The Vote

by thoughtsonthedead

Okay, Enthusiasts; big news. We’ve got a logo! Or, rather, several! I figured that we could put our collective eye to the task and do this as a group.

You want the nice people to do your work for you.

That’s an added bonus, yes. But it’s also democracy in action.

And how’s this going to work.

A selection of pre-selected logos shall be displayed. If people wish to vote, they may, unless their votes are stupid. The winner will be the design that gets the most votes, if I agree. There are also a few logos that will be shown, but are ineligible due to political views and I think they’re ugly. The votes will probably not be tabulated strictly, if at all.

This sounds more like Iranian democracy.

If you will check the record, I made no mention of which democracy we were going to be emulating.


Anyway, here are a few that you can’t vote for:

Too groovy. Plus, isn’t this the font from Phil’s book cover? I can’t have Phil sue me.

Too groovy, too busy, those fucking bears, and I won’t have Mickey looking at you that way.

I like this, but cannot read it; I am not a Death Metal band; pass.

I respect the lack of effort put into this one,and it isn’t terrible, but I must declare it ineligible for my enlogonating.

TOTD-1-winnerRemember during Katrina, when rescue workers would paint a glyph onto doors of houses to let other rescue workers know what happened, and how many dead people had been pulled from the attic? That was the glyph.

Next: the real candidates!