The Most Trusted Name In Made-Up Bullshit About The Dead

by thoughtsonthedead

jerry wolf ponytail billy
The internet says this picture is from 5/7/77, but once again the internet doesn’t know what it’s taking about; Garcia was still playing the Travis Bean with the bitchin’ headstock during Spring Tour, as seen here in this actual picture from 5/7:

jerry singing 5_7_77Therefore, the internet is wrong and I am right.

You told ’em, champ.


Besides, that first one looks like ’78.

I KNOW, RIGHT? The internet was SO WRONG.

Calm down.

Can’t help it: this kind of thing really frosts my strudel.

Don’t say shit like that.


Speaking of strudel, how much weight you think Garcia put on in the interim between those photos? 30 pounds?

Dude, don’t bodyshame Garcia.

I was just pointing out–

Humans come in all different shapes!

that he had maybe–

Hashtag fuck your beauty standards!

You’re not supposed to use the actual word “hashtag.”

You know what I meant.


Health at any size!

Garcia wasn’t healthy.