Things I Learned Watching The Eagles Documentary On Netflix

by thoughtsonthedead

  • I made the right call at age 12: this is not music for me.
  • Don Henley can sing, but he’s a shit drummer.
  • Also a shit human.
  • And he has no lips whatsoever.
  • Even the Eagles’ scandals were boring.
  • Jesus, their biggest fight was about someone being rude to a fucking politician.
  • Not “punched a Supreme Court Justice.”
  • Don Felder muttered something under his breath about Allen Cranston (remember that asshole?) and Glenn Frey lost his shit.
  • Not named after the football team.
  • Wow: just realized I am more of a fan of the Philadelphia Eagles than the band The Eagles, and I hate the Philadelphia Eagles.
  • Honestly, the best music in this entire THREE-FUCKING-HOUR circular jerk-job was when they played a verse of Bob Seger’s Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Man.
  • Fuck it: