Rejected Names For Planet Nine

by thoughtsonthedead

  • Planet Nine-Millimeter. (Scientists from Texas thought that one up.)
  • Fucktron.
  • Urpenis.
  • Ned Lagin.
  • Mansylvania, Home of Testicula the Scrotal Vampire. (The new guy Frank thought that one up, and everybody thinks he might be an idiot.)
  • Planet McDonald’s – Space: We’re Lovin’ It!© (The name is the whole phrase and there was quite a bit of cash in it for NASA, but cooler heads prevailed.)
  • Planet PornHub – We’re Jackin’ It!© (Same thing.)
  • Kolob.
  • Nibiru.
  • Magrathea.
  • Felicidae III, Prison World of the Felis Empire.
  • Planet Janet. (Or, alternately, Janet Planet.)
  • Salamander Entrails. (That was also the new guy Frank, and that one worried people; HR was notified.)