by thoughtsonthedead

It may sound like I’m repeating myself, but 2015 ended on a rough note for Phil, and that is bad news for a man with perfect pitch. Looking good here, and only up to 1982. Lot more shows to do.

img_3193“Can you put more strings on it?”

“I guess, Phil, but then we’re getting into serious fusion-nerd territory.”


“Oh, yeah. Anything more than six strings is strictly for Dream Theater.”

“They were awful.”

“I think they’re still being awful.”

“Good for them. How about more knobs?”

“There’s already over a dozen, and half of them aren’t connected to anything.”

“Toggle switches?”

“There’s eight, and one of them is your garage door opener.”

“Hey, I was always losing the damn thing.”


“Could we make the body from a more expensive wood?”

“Only if we invent a new tree. You’ve hit the ceiling.”

“Moneywood is really that expensive?”

“Hard to work with.”

“Okay. What if we made the neck out something exotic, like a polygraphene weave?”

“Mostly because it’s something you just made up that sounds science-y.”

“You got me there.”

“Phil, there’s literally nothing more we can do to make this guitar more over-complicated.”

“What if it lit up?”

“Lemme call my LED guy; gimme a month.”