Going Where The Sweetwater Tastes Like Wine

by thoughtsonthedead

img_3199Hey, Bobby. Whatcha doing?

“Signalling my approval non-verbally.”


“Also doing the jacket-over-the-shoulder move.”

That’s a good move.

“One of the best.”

So, what is this place, anyway? Do you own this?

“Um, part? Some. Definitely some. There’s a couch in one of the offices that’s, like, my couch. If I come in and someone’s sitting there, they get up. I always say ‘You don’t have to,’ but they really do.”

Sounds like a nice couch.

“You can sit, you can nap: all your bases are covered.”

This a joint or a swanky place?

“The atmosphere’s relaxed and casual, but the prices are real fancy.”


“Soup’s eight bucks.”

Wow. Do you get a gallon of it?

“No. Bowl.”


“I like the sound. Good crowds. Garden’s all right. Man’s gotta have a place, y’know?”

Well put, Bob.

“Plus, you can take the back roads between here and the house, and there’s never any cops.”

Not as well put, Bob.