When Do We Want It?

by thoughtsonthedead

I am prepared to call Paradise Now: The Story of American Utopianism, by Chris Jennings, the best book I’ve ever read.

You haven’t read it yet.

Yes, but I am prepared to do so.

Ah. What have you done with the book so far?

Well, I took that lovely photo of it.

Nice, yeah.

Minor fit of jealous rage.

Makes sense.

Checked for my name in the acknowledgements.

Was it there?

Yes, but it was spelled “Molly Turpin.”

Common error.

That was how the teachers would pronounce it on the first day of school.

Sure. Did you check the index for the Dead?

You checked the index for the Dead.

Well, in my defense: so far, every book I’ve been sent an advance copy of has been about the Dead.

This one is about a doomed 19th-century social movement.

The Dead were a doomed 20th-century social movement.

Okay, whatever. How’s the picture look?

You kidding?

img_3170Our boy cleans up well.

He’s regal.

Can this book be purchased?

Of course: at your local booksellers, or on Amazon, or from Powell’s, or I suppose you could find Chris and hogtie and make him, like, tell you the book.

I don’t think anyone should hogtie Chris.

Probably not, no.