Bye Bye Birdies

by thoughtsonthedead

billy helmetOh, God, nobody gave you a welding iron, did they?


I love your consistency with that nickname.

“It’s a bird feeder. Hummingbirds. See the little doodad between the lenses? Put some feed on the end of it and sit still and the speedy little fuckers hover right in front of your eyes.”

Did you dose–

“I dosed the birds, yeah.”

–the hummingbirds? Dammit, man.

“They seemed hip.”

How tough is it to not dose animals?

“Dunno. Never tried.”

Okay, you got me there.

“Used the laws of syntactical logic against you.”

Nicely done.

“Yeah. Hey: a lot of these hummingbirds have died.”

Understandable. You should probably get going.

“I still got the Earthroamer, man.”

Have you been–

“Been fucking in it!”

–fucking in it? Okay, we need to stop talking.

“I’m gonna keep the helmet, though.”