Wave That Title Four Flag

by thoughtsonthedead

sovereign stealie
There was one of these wackadoodles at Chicago; she was wearing a shirt with a “Fuck You, Pay Me”  Stealie and waving a sign bearing shibboleths the Sovereign Citizens use to identify themselves to each another. (The whole Sovereign conspiracy is too detailed and boring to get into it or care about. The short version is: these people believe in magic.)

It makes sense that this group of lunatics have some relation to the Dead; for the past fifty years, nutjobs and agitators of all political bents–strict libertarians to far stricter Communists–have barnacled themselves to the Grateful Dead, but these suckers take it pretty far: some of the buttons on their website are literally Stealies.

Cursory Googling revealed only one article linking the Sovereign Citizens and the Dead, but it’s worth reading for the smiles and gratitude in your sanity it will engender. Plus, there is this wonderfully deadpan paragraph containing a final line worthy of installation in the Louvre.

Godsent claims to be the “founder of the Sovereign Family Network and member of the Republic of New York.” He promotes the “ultimate handbook on how to live free without government interference in your life!” It was unclear if a copy was in his van.