Read Heads

by thoughtsonthedead

My most anticipated book of 2016 arrived today, and it’s a nifty advance copy: part of my library now is from the future, sent here from its late-March release for my greedy little eyes. You can pre-order Jesse’s new book, Heads: A Biography of Psychedelic  America, from Amazon now.

If you’re on the fence, know two things –  1, although I’ve not read it yet, I have of course flipped through it and there’s a lot of Dead in here; and 2, check this out:

Right? I mean: if it were just the shout-out for TotD, that would be cool beans, but bringing Hairy Mendoza into it is just exactly perfect.

Go buy this book now. If you’re waiting for my review, we both know it’s going to be positive. Go buy the damn book.