Skull, Candy

by thoughtsonthedead

katy catacombs“Oh. Hello. I didn’t see you come in. My name is Mrs. Katy Jean Perry and I may or may not be the Buddha.”

Well, all of us may or may not be the Buddha, Katy.

“I’m not going to warn you again about the name.”


“NAMES HAVE POWER. To shed a name is to shed a skin is to shed light. Have you ever read Khalil Gibran?”


“His sports writing was superb.”

Didn’t know that. You know that John is trying to find you, right?

“I know all.”

So, where are you?

“I don’t know.”


“There are bones here. Am I in Bone City?”

You are not in Bone City.

“Skull Island?”


“But there is a Skull Island.”

Yes, but it’s not real. Actually, it probably does exist in your universe.

“I know all.”

Sure. Why are you in catacombs anyway?

“Next step in our schizopharmacological studies.”

And that is?

“Doctor Gary’s gonna Pet Sematary all of us.”

You shouldn’t do that.

“We’re only gonna be dead for four or five minutes.”