Your Wonderland Is A Wonderland

by thoughtsonthedead

katy squat
“I live in a squat now, John Mayer. The LSD has opened up my eyes, and my chakras, and several joint bank accounts. I RENOUNCE MY STARDOM AND POSSESSIONS. Who should I give everything to, John?”

“Well, I’ll take it.”


“Please don’t give your…why would you even consider that?”

“What about an animal shelter?”

“So much better you cannot imagine. But please don’t give away your worldly goods.”

“The jewels, the clothes, the houses, the cars: all of it, John. It weighs on me, like I was giving a piggy-back ride to a chubby midget.”

“Have you been doing that?”

“My psychedelic experience has taken many odd twists.”

“Apparently. Listen, Katy–”

“Mrs. Katy Jean.”

“–let’s get out of here; I don’t think it’s safe.”

“We’re in a post-apocalyptic foreign squat: what could go wrong?”

“C’mon, I got the Earthroamer. Let’s go before someone steals my hubcaps, or my engine, or the entire thing. Besides, I got pop tarts.”

“Cherry with vanilla frosting?”


“My destiny lies within the kitchen section of your van.”