Uptown Funk

by thoughtsonthedead

Dripping and slippery with early-tenure Brentitude, 12/5/79 from the Uptown Theater (pronounced “thee-AY-ter,” of course) in Chicago is little-known gem and should be your afternoon soundtrack. Highlights include a classic He’s Gone and a superb Black Peter featuring the ultra-rare Garcia Falsetto.

Not enough for you? Ingrate. Gift-horse-mouth-looker. I’ll sweeten the pot: the ultra-rare Garcia Falsetto is put into the service of the even ultra-rarer George Benson-style singing along with the solo.

Who takes care of you, Enthusiasts? Who’s your buddy? Yeah, it’s me. Okay, now take off your pants and don’t tell your parents.

So close to being not an asshole.

And yet, so far.