The Air Up There

by thoughtsonthedead

It’s nice to have a good Most Famous Fan. The Yankees have Billy Crystal, who is an oily nostalgist, but the Dead gets Bill Walton, who just gave his play-by-play guy a bottle of air from Chicago and told him not to open it around children.

I didn’t make that up: Bill Walton gives no fucks. In fact, history has recorded the moment he stopped. It was during practice in the UCLA gym.


“Yes, Coach Wooden?”

“You still giving fucks?”

“I am, Coach.”

“Knock that off.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Good man.”

And that was it for Bill Walton’s fucks.

(Sharper-eyed Enthusiasts will note that unless Bill Walton has been granted access to the Time Sheath, that air might not actually be from the Farewell Shoes.)