Playing In The Band Perry

by thoughtsonthedead


“Oh, no.”

“John Mayer, my soulmate–”

“We are on-again/off-again.”

“–I have rethought things. Katy Perry died, John; I have been reborn.”

“And you are?”

“I am now Mrs. Katy Jean.”


“And I will join the Grateful Dead.”

“That acid really hit you, huh?”

“I can’t explain the experience. It revealed my true meaning; the God I sought in church embraced me, and then motorboated my million-dollar boobies.”

“God’s no dummy. Katy–”

“Mrs. Katy Jean, sugar.”

“–you can’t be in the Grateful Dead.”

“You don’t understand. I am now in the Grateful Dead. It has been decided. Is it not written?”

“Did you steal my phone and call Bobby?”

“He said it was okay. I’m a Grateful Dead now.”