The Happy Couple

by thoughtsonthedead

What else happened on New Year’s Eve between John Mayer and Bill Walton? Well, damned if Young John Mayer didn’t make an honest woman out of Walton.

img_3028“Oh, Josh Meyers: you’ve made me the happiest giant in a wizard costume in the whole wide world! Of course, I’ll marry you!”

“You will? You mean it?”

“Sure. I’m gay now for you.”

“That’s great. Selfie to mark the occasion?”

“I don’t know how people even knew they had occasions before the selfie.”

john mayer bill walton selfie“You’re gonna go with peace fingers?”

“Yeah, unless you had other suggestions. You’re the head of the household now, according to God.”

“What about Walton Arms?”

“I have learned the hard way that Walton Arms don’t fit in selfies.”

“Makes sense. Hey, where’s your other hand?”

“On your tush, hubby.”

“Again: makes sense. I did this to myself.”

“You did. How did the selfie come out?”

john mayer bill walton selfie2“We make a fine couple, John Walton. What do you think our babies are going to look like?”


“Probably, yeah. Isn’t this great how we told a story using dialogue and pictures, switching back and forth to move the plot along?”

“Someone needs to explain the rules of this universe to me.”

“Do you understand the concept of semi-fictionality?”

“Can I go back to writing pop songs about Jennifer Love Hewitt’s tits now?”

“Oh, that young lady has a healthy bosom.”

“I got a type.”