Keeping Up With The Anastasios

by thoughtsonthedead




“Um, hi. May I, uh, speak to Trellis Applebaum?”

“Hi, Bobby.”

“Oh, hey! Anyway, just calling to wish you a happy New Year’s.”

“Oh, man. How sweet of you! Thanks, Bob. You, too. Nothing but the best for you and your family.”

“I’ll tell them. So, uh, what are you guys doing for the big show?”

“We got a thing, man! Big-ass hourglass thing. Wanna see it? I’ll send a pic.”

Phish inside the hourglass


“What? You don’t like it? Not cool?”

“No, not that. It’s awesome.”


“Kinda feeling bad about what we’re doing, now.”

“Is Bill Walton gonna wander around–”

“Wizard costume, yeah.”

“–in a wizard costume? That’s not too bad, Bobby. What else are you doing?”

“That was it.”

“That’s it? Dude, it’s New Year’s. Didn’t Bill Graham fly in on a giant joint one time?”

“I gotta call the warehouse.”

“Happy New Year’s, Bobby.”

“Okay, sure.”