And A Special Appearance By Red Metal Stool

by thoughtsonthedead

deadandco NYE JM bobby billwalton“Bob?”

“Yeah, Jimmy?”

“Should we play?”

“Nah. Flying joint, giant doofus in a wizard costume, balloons, everyone’s on drugs: let the moment breathe”




“How high is Walton right now?”

“Well, he’s dressed like a summer-stock Gandalf and waving a plastic lightsaber around. So, you know: that high.”

“Makes sense. How about Billy?”

“Billy doesn’t even know it’s New Year’s.”


“Y’know, Jeff, if anyone wanted to listen to the second set of the Phish show at MSG, they could do so here.”

“Did you just talk in a hyperlink?”

“Seems that way.”

“I don’t understand the rules of this universe.”

“No one does; just go with it.”