New Year, Baby

by thoughtsonthedead

deadandco oteil shape“You gonna come back in? Good time in here, looks like.”

“Nah. This is it for me, kid. You’re in charge, now.”

“What? But I don’t know what to do!”

“Neither did I. World’s still standing.”


“Yeah, well: things were on a downward trend when I got here, y’know?”

“Any advice?”

“Don’t panic.”

“Too late for that.”

“Then at least don’t let everyone know you’re panicking.”


“Just don’t make too many permanent decisions and try not to let everything go to hell. Remember: you only got the job for twelve months. Not too much you can fuck up.”

“Sure. Hey, 2015?”


“No one’s gonna miss you, are they?”

“Nope. Make ’em look back on you fondly, kid.”

“It’s an election year.”

“Kid, you’re fucked.”