Shake Your Little Tush On The Perp Walk

by thoughtsonthedead

Hey, Bill Cosby’s sweater. Whatcha doing?

“Just trying to get through today.”

Rough morning.

“He had to pick me out of the closet? I mean: bad enough just to be owned by the man, but he had to wear me for the perp walk?”

Bad optics.

“Right? What did I ever do? Now for the rest of my life, I’m the ‘raping sweater.'”

I hear you.

“You know who sent me a text asking if I wanted to have a drink? The Unabomber’s hoodie!”

You’re kidding.

“I got a brother that gets worn by a major contributor to Doctors Without Borders. Got a sister that belongs to a nun. What do I get?”

A disgraced rapist in poor health.

“I should’ve been a quilt.”