Best Seats In The House

by thoughtsonthedead

This picture from inside LA’s Fabulous Forum comes to us from our very own Swaggie Maggie, who–after seeing both The Phishes and The Dark Star Orchestras–is now in the same building as three to six Grateful Deads (depending on how you count).

A WARNING! Swaggie Maggie is a highly-esteemed and valued Princess of the Comment Section, and if you are at the show and run into her, then please heed the following advice:

  • Do not hurl her off ledges.
  • Please do not hit Swaggie Maggie with a stick, no matter what the size.
  • “It’s just a small stick.”
  • Fuck you: I said “no matter the size.”
  • Do not dose Swaggie Maggie.
  • Do not kidnap Swaggie Maggie and sell her to foreign businessmen.
  • You didn’t know this, but her father is Liam Neeson; he has a particular set of skills.
  • Swaggie Maggie is allergic to bees, so if you are a bee, please do not sting her.
  • If you have a method of projecting fire across the room, please do not do that to Swaggie Maggie.
  • Alternately, if you can only light a person on fire by walking up to her and doing it, please don’t do that, either.
  • Let’s endeavor, collectively, to not have anyone set on fire tonight, how about that?
  • No noogies.