The Band You’ve Known For All These Years

by thoughtsonthedead

Enthusiasts, if posts are light in the next few days, you can blame The Beatles. TotD has been gleefully streaming all of the genius work of everyone’s favorite band. What? The Beatles aren’t your favorite band and the best thing in the whole world? I would call you a Communist, but we all know that The Beatles were loved by Communists, and–along with Levi’s 501 jeans–won the Cold War for the good guys.

Gosh, I could listen to the Liverpudlians’ sweet harmonies forever, and re-purchase their catalog every two years. My favorite The Beatles’ songs? Besides ALL OF THEM!? Glad you asked!

  • The one that closes benefit concerts.
  • The one they stole from Chuck Berry.
  • The medley.
  • The other medley.
  • The George Harrison songs that are all so great. (He was a talent.)
  • Hey, it’s Billy Preston!
  • The drug song.
  • The one with a sitar, for some reason.
  • The twee song.
  • The whimsical song.
  • The fey song.
  • Let’s have Ringo do a number!
  • Revolutions #1-8.