A Tale Of Two Cities, Perhaps

by thoughtsonthedead

img_2977Hey, remember the Grateful Dead? This blog used to be about them? Weird-looking fuckers, bunch are dead?

Anyway, a few of the remnants and some pretty guy and a couple of ringers are playing in San Francisco, which–and this is something only a real Dead fan would know–is where they’re from. Some of them still live there and most likely drove themselves to the show like big boys. (Mickey’s wife drove him, as Mickey has been drinking since Christmas Eve.)

The show doesn’t start for another hour or so, because everyone but the East Coast of America gets the time wrong, but if you’re interested in the show, maybe someone will post links to the streams in the Comment Section. Or maybe they won’t, and a bear will break into your house and eat your tushee. Who knows what the future holds?

Also: maybe a Bay Area Enthusiast can enlighten us all. Is that Oakland in the left hemisphere of the Stealie? Because–and I mean no offense by this–that is a seriously unimpressive skyline.  At least the San Francisco part has that big pointy building that’s going to kill so many people when it collapses in the Big One.