Miles, Ahead

by thoughtsonthedead

miles gary bartz jack dejohn
Hey, Miles. Whatcha doing?

“Motherfucker, I’ll throw you off a bridge.”

Mr. Davis.


Mr. Davis, where did your hatred of the white man come from?

“Paying attention.”

Well put.

“Black man who don’t know the white man is the devil is worse than the white man. And nothing’s worse than the white man.”

Your logic may be off there.

“Logic is a white man’s lie.”

And now you’re back to making sense.

“Course I make sense. I invented jazz.”

You didn’t.

“I’ll take your ofay ass to that bridge, boy.”

Fine, fine: you invented jazz.

“And being masculine.”

No. No, you didn’t. And please speak up.


Holy shit, did you just slap me?

“You get the back of the hand next.”

You’re a terrible man.

“Yeah. You gonna turn off my music?”


“So, who wins?”